Why Venues Choose The Electronic Box Office for their Ticket Sales Management

Take a look at all the features that come standard with The Electronic Box Office.

General  features
No set up fees, software charges or ongoing licensing fees – just a low per ticket fee.
No service contracts or customer support charges
Fully hosted or in house hosting configurations - easy switching from one to the other
Supports an unlimited numbers of venues, seating configurations/zones, events, seats per event, performance dates/times
Can be used simultaneously by multiple users, resellers, box offices in any number of locations... anywhere in the world

Administrators and users
Supports multiple users
Secure logon on with user name and password

Ticket sales
Quickly select and sell reserved seats by clicking on a graphical seating map specifically created for each venue
Sell discount tickets - adjust price on individual sales
View full seat information about any event directly on your screen – available, sold
Click on any sold seat to display customer name, date purchased, ticket seller’s identity, price paid

Payment methods, discounts and charges
Accept payments by cash, credit card, check
Apply surcharges/transaction fees to each ticket
Apply discounts to each ticket
Accept deposits as part payment to secure reservations for season/subscription tickets

Customer Database
Customer database record includes title, first name, last name, billing address, postcode/zip code, primary phone number, mobile/cell phone number, fax number, email address
"Free form" remarks field allows specific notes to be entered about a customer
Locate patrons quickly and accurately by searching on any customer field including name, address, phone number, zip/postcode etc .
Eliminate duplicate entries with same name by combining data entries
Access full customer transaction history with a click of your mouse

Search & Find Capabilities
Display full list of all customers who have bought tickets to individual events
Click to display seats purchased by a specific customer to individual events
Search on customer database for specific customers by any field
View full history of any transaction - by user, transaction type, transaction date, customer, payment method or event

Report design and generation
Run and access real time reports on the Internet anywhere - anytime
Optional on-screen or printed reports
Instantly display what's sold
View and print complete customer transaction history